What LA Rapper Vintage Soul is Saying Applies to Occult: Do You Know What Your Child is Listening To?: Counselor Corner SP®


May 29, 2013 by HDATS Mag!®

What LA Rapper Vintage Soul is Saying Applies to Occult: Do You Know What Your Child is Listening To?: Counselor Corner SP®

What LA Rapper Vintage Soul is Saying Applies to Occult: Do You Know What Your Child is Listening To?: Counselor Corner SP®

 SoundClick artist: VintageSoul 2009 – (Music)

SoundClick.com MP3 Page Music Charts position:
» highest in charts: # 3196 (1,876,524 songs currently listed in HipHop) Considered in the TOP 5 percentile
» highest in sub-genre: # 505 (245,773 songs currently listed in HipHop > Hardcore Rap) Considered in the TOP 10 percentile

 Tres Mali Scott on Counselor Corner SP®

Occult and Cults have a “Major Theme”: That Jesus Christ is not recognized or is considered a man of Earth with a Spirit. See the article Religions That Only Missionaries Speak About and read the teachings that can cause dangerous behavior in youth. Games like “pass out” are not a “pass throught”.

Religious Practices in other countries are harsh and are considered human rights violations in the United States of America. The Catholic Faith is International and does not practice these types of harsh human right violating acts.

One of the topics for reading and writing on Helium.com is “Catholic Bashing”. As Americans we value Family, Friends, Community Service, and socializing. Many other countries still sell children, still practice women and children as property, and still practice torture.

See the article Subjects Only Missionaries Write About

Tres Mali

Update July 3, 2013:

An interview with this veteran rapper found out:

Tres Mali: “Do you know that ‘pass out’ is?”
Vintage Soul: “Don’t know. Never heard of it.”
Tres Mali: What do you think about being featured in Counseling to dicuss it?”
Vintage Soul: “I have to read up on what it is. I haven’t hear of it.”

Tres Mali: “How long have you been rapping?”
Vintage Soul: “20 years, maybe longer.”
Tres Mali: “You were around when labeling explicit lyrics started, what was your positions on this subject?”
Vintage Soul: “I was already listening, I was not against that. I didn’t have a problem with it. Parents should be monitoring. But with the internet, it was different back then.
Tres Mali: “Do you think it made it more difficult for rapping?”
 Tres Mali
Vintage Soul: “If you want Radio play, everybody has a clean and Radio version.

What is Explicit Content?


Parental Advisory, abbreviated PAL, is a label affixed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to audio recordings in the United States containing excessive use of profane language and/or sexual references[1](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_Advisory).

The logo is not a rating, and there are no agreed-upon standards for the label. It is the record company’s decision whether or not an album requires a label. Some albums, however, have been considered so extreme in their violent content that the distributor of the album has put on a secondary warning next to the Parental Advisory sticker, most notably Geto Boysself-titled album released in 1990 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_Advisory).

The warning, which has been called the musical equivalent of an “alcohol content” label, has appeared to make some albums more desirable, resulting in the reverse effect to what was intended. The warning has achieved a degree of cult status, with comedian George Carlin titling an album Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics and numerous t-shirts,[2] metal signs, and other paraphernalia bearing the logo. The RIAA, however, officially states, “It’s not a PAL Notice that kids look for, it’s the music. Independent research shows kids put limited weight on lyrics in deciding which music they like, caring more about rhythm and melody. The PAL Notice alone isn’t enough incentive (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_Advisory).


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